Im Blessed!

Woke up feeling so blessed today, in fact everyday I wake up I feel blessed, If you got out of bed and could walk by yourself….and you have no sickness your blessed..So Thankful , bro.Billy came through the surgery so well, most do not understand what kind of miracle this was, for he had back surgery awhile back and when they put the screws in he had one screw that was coming through his aorta valve. The doctors said, he could have just coughed and it could have been the end for him…so we are praising God for this great miracle! well bro. sanders, bro.donnie and bro.joseph are on there way home from Houston! they shall be here in time for church….and who knows just what might happen tonight! you just never know at VTC! Aliana Gorden is having surgery this morning, and sis.Vickey Ratcliff is having surgery on Friday…so do keep them all in your prayers…see you all tonight..God Bless

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